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LIFE CARE is one of India’s largest, oldest and most respected donation platform in India.LIFE CARE which started in the year 2011, is a Donation scheme.Today join LIFE CARE today donation start.

COMING SOON : Life Care Charitable Trust will be open Hospitals in Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan states.

Any emergency LIFE CARE Donation you Any Time.

Life care Business Donation scheme and india’s largest poor population best benefit all life care scheme. Life care Financial Rewards System is a modern entrepreneurship program providing a great earning opportunity to all its partners. To become a part of Life care, one has to register himself / herself as a Preferred partner or with the company by filling a simple registration form available on the website: www.lifecareindia.in A preferred customer of Life care can purchase of plan Once a Preferred Customer is satisfied with their friends, relatives, contacts, etc. and earn financial benefits in the form of incomes and bonuses.

We Improve Lives

Your gift to the LIFE CARE Hospital FOUNDATION will be used to support the patients and families served by LIFE CARE Hospital our located Coming soon.. When you donate to the LIFE CARE Hospital Foundation, Thank you for helping LIFE CARE.

LIFE CARE is a non-government organisation Trust that runs scientifically-planned health programmes with hospital open 2020 All donor facility , professionally managed under the guidance of eminent medical experts, and others who have the vision of promoting the healthcare of children throughout the third world countries. It is one of India’s largest health network with various projects running all across the country. LIFE CARE NGO conducting regular health checkups and health awareness sessions and digitising the health record of each child and making it available online. SHARP has created a panel of network hospitals to which a child is referred in case of ailments. The organisation covers 3 state hospital 2020 start work across 10, hospital in the country.

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